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    Michael Jordan put on the shirt the Lakers or Clippers?



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    Michael Jordan put on the shirt the Lakers or Clippers?

    Post  bartilozy on Tue Mar 08, 2011 6:53 am

    Michael Jordan put on the shirt the Lakers or Clippers? In the basketball video game "NBA2K11", which has become a reality.

    2K Sports will be launched on October 5 "NBA2K11", surrounded by the greatest player in basketball history - Michael Jordan, the game will have many new features. The coolest is that you can put on any shirt to Jordan, where he can

    effect for the Clippers, the Bulls can also be effective for now, or even make him a member of the Lakers.
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    To make the game challenging, Jordan joined the team at the time just is not the strongest league. Want to improve his skills, you have to win a few games the ball, he must be allowed more rebound, more passing, like a basket that brought

    the players. Discount Jordan ShoesOnly in this way, he can become the god of the well-known basketball.

    Another new feature is the "Jordan Challenge", with 10 classic games let you pick the games, including the sick to play jazz that field. All the players are related to

    previously signed contracts with 2K Sports, so you can see in the field Rodman, Scottie Pippen, Karl Malone and John Stockton, who, even coach Jerry - Sloan also on the sidelines.

    Jordan played for the Bulls following a few pieces can be used to fight with the current team, including :85-86 ,89-90 season, 90 season-91 season ,94-95 ,95-96 season ,96-97 season and the season 97-98 season. You can see Michael Jordan

    dunk in front of Ron Artest, and Kobe Bryant could see him singled out.Cheap Jordan ShoesInterestingly, Jordan would have to change shoes every season.

    Screen, of course there will be flaws, but a lot of fine than before. Player transactions and changes are saved on the hard disk, if you play online, while the teams have players injured or traded, you can choose to sync with the reality of the

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