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    Kobe can't go beyond Jordan



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    Kobe can't go beyond Jordan

    Post  bartilozy on Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:30 pm

    In recent years, more and more close to Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant had the temperament.jordan shoesWhen he appears, even in noisy journalists are being interviewed will be self-conscious quiet. Because they know Kobe likes a quiet environment, the kind of anger from the prestige of the trapeze style like most of the year, Chicago, Los Angeles, you know those big-name journalists to control most people can not do. Discount Jordan Shoes

    Bryant is the NBA training ground to offend, but Jordan is also a master of self-abuse. Bryant then had just joined the Union, Jordan for advice at a time, and made an appointment with the training. Cheap Jordan ShoesTo show their respect on the trapeze, half an hour early to Kobe, but Jordan did not want to wait a long time already. To know when Michael Jordan is renowned the world over and Kobe Bryant just be something. Since then, even if Kobe Bryant will win the day after the gym opened the door on time. Genius is 1% talent and 99% perspiration, from this point of view, the two are neck and neck for days.

    However, compared with Michael Jordan, Kobe is going to lose in the shoes of a percent. retro jordan shoesJordan can not go beyond the classic shoes from Nike, Jordan opened up specifically for the practice of a sub-brand is likely to or since the. Although Bryant's shoes as charming, but to be attached to a 23 on behalf of the shoes in the world to sell hundreds of millions of pairs, and even the fans to a pair of sneakers at the expense of collection of all unlikely.
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