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    Practice of Playing basketball



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    Practice of Playing basketball

    Post  bartilozy on Fri Mar 04, 2011 11:56 am

    1, with one hand after the top of the ramp the ball pendulum swing

    Feet left and right opening, holding the ball in front of body. Cross right hand to push the ball left-handed swing to the body, the right lead after the top of the ramp, the fingers control the ball back to the pendulum to speed up. So the left

    and right hand alternately.
    2, single-hand side of the body before pulling the ball swing
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    Feet left and right hand holding the side of the body. Practice, the first place after pulling the ball, to the utmost limit, forearm supination quickly, and then play the ball forward swing. Then, forearm pronation and then pull back the ball

    swing. And so continuous. Requires swing gradually increased, while not conceded control.
    3, circling a single hand-held pendulum swing the ball
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    Left and right feet of natural opening, holding the ball in front of body. Practice, the right hand side of the body by holding the ball before the play put the ball circling upward, cross left in front of body (the transfer of the ball should be

    obvious Baba sound), then left the ball cross from the left hand circling pendulum swing. So over and over
    4, single Satisfy the team by the arms, head circling
    Feet left and right open, right hand holding, upper arms hanging straight, forearm flat on the ball care. Circling, the elbow and on outreach to mention, while prop hand ball spin, the ball is entrusted by the armpit to the backhand the ball,

    hand the ball to move quickly along the left side of the back of circling up, and then the ball to the right completed under the starting position. Then cross the left hand exercises.
    5, place both hands push the ball exchange
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    Feet left and right opening, slightly more than shoulder width, put the ball in his right foot before the ground.
    Cheap Jordan Shoes>As shown in Figure 5-21, exercises, push the ball with his right hand to make it right in front of body roll to the right, then left for the left hand pushed the ball, the

    ball rolled along the ground to the right front body. So practice. Requirements force coordination, body at any time the ball left, right movement, hands on the ball, the ball rolling to stable.
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