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    Lost wax casting is an important method for manufacturing



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    Lost wax casting is an important method for manufacturing

    Post  megan2008 on Fri Nov 08, 2013 10:28 am

    Lost Wax Casting, (also known as Investment Casting),is an very important method for the manufacturing with a very long history in China. It is a near net shape manufacturing process. This means that the as-cast components can have a high degree of detail, precision and accuracy, dramatically reducing the need for costly operations such as machining, welding and fabrication.

    The process consists of the production of detailed expendable patterns usually in wax, the building of a refractory mould around the pattern using a ceramic slurry, removal of the pattern usually by the application of heat, firing of the mould to develop a maximum ceramic bond, casting of molten metal into the mould, removal of the refractory and finishing of the cast product.

    As for foundries,lost wax casting is used for the stainless steel investment castings,precision investmetn casting,construction machinery castings,mining machinery castings and so on.The process is commonly utilised for the manufacture of components for a wide range of industries including hand tools , medical and diagnostics equipment, oil exploration, mining, marine, road transport, architectural, food and beverage and fluid handling applications.

    Advantage of the Process

    Complex intricate shapes that embody curves and/or are associated with internal passage ways (especially where changes in direction and size are involved) usually dictate a casting method. When it comes to Investment casting, the process delivers the following additional benefits:

    1.The absence of the requirement to part the mould for pattern removal affords a freedom of design not available in most common casting processes.

    2.Thin walled configurations can be made.

    3.High degree of surface finish and dimensional accuracy can be obtained.

    4.Affords opportunity to optimise materials usage and economics of component manufacture.

    Investment casting is well suited to a wide range of engineering alloys such as carbon steels, low alloy steels, stainless steels, high alloy steels, tool steels, as well as nickel/cobalt/aluminium/copper based alloys.

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