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    Important information about stainless steel casting



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    Important information about stainless steel casting

    Post  megan2008 on Fri Nov 08, 2013 10:26 am

    As we all know,with the improvement fo steel casting technology,the producing scales and species of foundries in China expands very quickly,especially the stainless steel casting manufacturers.Stainless steel casting is widely used in the steel casting manufacturers,investment casting manufacturers,automotive casting manufacturers and so on.However,how there are not so many people knowing what is the stainless steel casting,and the process.

    Steel is a metal made from iron ore and has trace amounts of carbon. It is both stronger than wrought iron and less brittle than cast iron. It comes in both alloyed and non-alloyed forms. Non-alloyed steel is basic steel that only contains carbon. Alloyed steel is produced by mixing in additional chemical elements to give the metal specific characteristics. Stainless steel, for example, is made by mixing in a particular percentage of chrome and nickel during the manufacturing process.

    Stainless steel casting is a manufacturing process used for making parts required by many industries for a variety of applications. The procedure uses melted stainless steel and molds to create the desired stainless steel components.

    Use of stainless steel casting:

    Stainless steel casting is used to produce components of various shapes and sizes with special properties such as corrosion resistance and strength retention at high temperatures. Commonly manufactured products include construction materials, and parts used in the automotive, aerospace, energy, marine and food service industries.

    Process of stainless less casting:

    Stainless steel casting begins with mold design and fabrication. Molten stainless steel is poured into the mold's cavity where it cools and solidifies. The cooled casting is removed from the mold and trimmed, cleaned and heat-treated to restore desirable qualities such as corrosion and wear resistance or increased strength.

    Advantages of stainless steel casting:

    Casting stainless steel offers many advantages over other shape-forming methods such as forging, which compresses solid metal into a desired shape. Melted metal conforms to any shape and allows fabrication of geometrically complex components. Castings are typically more weldable, making the production of extremely large parts more practical. They are almost always lighter than forged components.

    alloy castings:

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