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    Childan Had Exclaimed Without Warning



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    Childan Had Exclaimed Without Warning

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    Eventually, the major's friend had marc jacobs handbags sale at the store to hear Childan's historically firsthand account. That man, also a retired officer of the Imperial Army,

    had been fascinated,
    'Bottle caps!'
    The Japanese had blinked uncomprehendingly.
    'We used to collect the tops from milk bottles. As kids. The round tops that gave the name of the dairy. There must have been thousands of dairies in the United States. Each one printed a special top.'
    The officer's eyes had glinted with the instinct. 'Do you possess any of marc jacobs sale sometime collection, sir?'
    Naturally, Childan did not. But. . . probably it was still possible to obtain the ancient, long-forgotten tops from the days before the war when milk had come in glass bottles rather than throwaway pasteboard cartons.
    And so, by stages, he had gotten into the business. Others had opened similar places, taking advantage of the evergrowing Japanese craze for Americana. . . .but Childan had always kept his edge.
    'Your fare,' the chink was saying, bringing him out of his meditation, 'is a dollar, sir.' He had unloaded the bags and was waiting.
    Absentmindedly, Childan paid him. Yes, it was quite likely that the client of Mr. Tagomi resembled Major Humo; at least, Childan thought tartly, from my point of view. He had dealt with so many Japanese. . . but he still had

    difficulty telling them apart. There were the short squat ones, built like wrestlers. Then the druggist-like ones. The tree-shrubflower-gardener ones. . . he had his categories. And the young ones, who were to him not like Japanese at

    all. Mr. Tagomi's client would probably be portly, a businessman, smoking a Philippine
    And then, standing before the Nippon Times Building, with his bags on the sidewalk beside him, Childan suddenly thought with a chill: Suppose his client isn't Japanese! Everything in the bags had been selected with them in

    mind, their tastes -
    But the marc jacobs sale to be Japanese. A Civil War recruiting poster had been Mr. Tagomi's original order; surely only a Japanese would care about such debris.

    Typical of their mania for the trivial, their legalistic fascination with documents, proclamations, ads. He remembered one who had devoted his leisure time to collecting newspaper ads of American patent medicines of the 1900s.

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