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    Some problem For Choose Sunglasses



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    Some problem For Choose Sunglasses

    Post  jordans2011 on Tue May 24, 2011 11:40 am

    1, in most cases, our picture frame has free-flowing radian But life need innovation. If you can put

    the curve of the picture frame is special designed some of the shape will is very creative. Face not too perfect girl more can use for your own cover-up.
    2, picture frame with some water on the adornment also is pretty good. The position of water had better choose frame to the whole face can denotation, plays a certain shrinkage

    effect. Put on a silver necklace will echo diamond will more perfect.
    3, white frame will be popular this year. With white can clear the outline of the outline of sunglasses collocation, design simple, writing neatly. Clothes to wear black and white and dichromatic can
    4, frame color using yellow or green is not common, but it is should be rare, so just outstanding. But also for inflammation

    5, frames and lenses of the same colour how when you choose? Can let more light in colour and nike picture frame, in order to draw

    a line, not hinder overall harmonious sex and avoid the chaos is not clear.
    Hot summer bring a cool choose sunglasses. Best to wear clothes, it is candy colors can

    reveal your pure and lovely. Second, lens

    6, lens shapes and face is closely linked. Face shape partial long people suits to choose flat and wide rectangular frame, can visually perfect your face represented proportion.

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