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    Maintenance instructions of Jordan shoes



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    Maintenance instructions of Jordan shoes

    Post  bartilozy on Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:52 am

    1, when the shoes are dirty, scrub gently with water dipped in detergent, then rinse thoroughly with water, place a dry cool air, avoid direct sunlight. Never use dry heat or open flame to avoid aging, a plastic, fading and serious deformation. Excessive direct sunlight, heat and hairdryer are inappropriate methods of care will reduce the life of the shoes; washing could not be a long soak, soaking time generally should not exceed 20 minutes. Real leather is not water immersion;jordan shoes

    2, sport shoes most of the raw material is a synthetic polymer materials (mostly non-woven polyester mesh and nylon-based artificial leather, shoes and more use made of rubber or foam rubber), some upper is leather, so avoid exposure to organic Reagents and solution of fats and oils, but also not in high temperature environment for a long time wear. Normal wear or washing at a temperature not higher than 45 degrees Celsius;
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    3, if long term storage, should be first brush shoes clean, dry, cool and ventilated storage place, so that the shoes have sufficient time to dry to avoid mildew. Real leather is best to use shoes or shoe care hold up ball of paper in order to avoid serious distortion. Shoe soles will head down toward the wall, ventilated place to dry at room temperature, immersed in water so as to prevent the end of foam material; (because foaming material is not easy to do, therefore do not recommend flat shoes wet.)Discount Jordan Shoes

    4, for the use of sports shoes look more beautiful, we use some reflective material in the printing process, or eager. Please wear or wash in the process of brush or not to use too much force strong, but can not pull the nails or sharp edges of these parts of the printing pattern. In the wear period of time, the surface of some patterns may be some small cracks (in particular, often tortuous parts), which are a normal phenomenon;
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